A little piece of countryside by the city

A little piece of countryside by the city

chohoatrensong.jpgFor most of people, the thought of a scorpion is frightening, with there huge curvy tails ready to attack anybody unlucky enough to stumble across one at any time. But this is not the case at all in Bo Cap Vang or Yellow Scorpion, despite being named after the beasties! This scary sounding place has infact become a popular destination for picnics and short day breaks for city folk.

At a first glance, Bo Cap Vang is just a small piece of countryside encircled by canals, which has since been dammed to better control flooding around the Dong Nai River basin.

However, the result is that the canals are conducive for nipas, a kind of plant that typically grows throughout the Mekong Delta.

So, the apparent contradiction between this beautiful place and its name usually confuses visitors.

Unsurprisingly, many people out for a quick trip to escape the big, dirty city even think that the surrounding areas must be invested with scorpions and other such nasty creepy crawlies.

Infact, some even walk around with their eyes glued to the ground, looking for the little monsters lurking in anticipation!

Nguyen Van Suu, owner of the lovely little place, told the Daily that when he bought the land back in 1992 lots of his friends thought he was mad to spend money on such a remote and boring place.

However, the retired teacher just thought it a nice, quiet and peaceful place to spend his old age with his family. At that time, the locality was often called dao hoa giay or Paper Flower Island, after a kind of flower that grew in few other places. The pretty flowers come in several different colors but are usually pink.

Gradually its name and reputation spread, mostly by word of mouth, and so other visitors have followed in yet greater numbers ever since.

It was after a few years of seeing visitors frequent his island paradise, that Suu began to realize the potential of eco-tourism, and so he decided to develop some proper picnic facilities.

However, it was not until 2001 that Suu officially started to use the name Bo Cap Vang, because of a tree which is only found in the immediate vicinity and whose flower looks like apricot blossom with five yellow petals.

But, because, of its long curvy stem it resembles a scorpion’s tail. Hence the name Bo Cap Vang!

To get to the island one must jump in a boat for VND5,000 for the short hop over one of the canals but life is much more pleasant the other side now that Suu has built some thatched cottages scattered along the water and around the gardens.

There is also a kitchen which will knock you up a tasty, quick meal including the island’s specialty – ga nuong lu or chicken cooked in a jar.

To get to Bo Cap Vang simply hop over Saigon Bridge and go straight along the road to the Cat Lai T-junction, then turn right and go straight until you come to Cat Lai Ferry.

After crossing the river continue along the road until you come to Bo Cap Vang in Hamlet 3, Ha Phuoc Khanh Commune, Nhon Trach District in Dong Nai Province. Then jump in the little boat to get to the small island paradise just the other side.

For more information or further details call Tel: 061 519 919